The Main topics of the Training Event “International Protocol & Diplomatic (Professional) Etiquette are:
Principles of international protocol and cross-cultural intelligence.
Personal competence & diplomacy.
Protocol principals & procedures.
International protocol guidelines.
First impression & personal image.
Verbal & nonverbal communication skills, Professional correspondence & Diplomatic skills.
International protocol & professional etiquette vs. social etiquette.
Flag Protocol.
Understanding order of precedence (UN, EU, individual ranking),ranking in international relations & diplomacy.
Host and Guest Duties: Extending invitations, responding to invitations.
Events Management, Seating Plans Protocol: Working meetings, Negotiations and International Conferences
Visiting protocol planning Workshop, salutations & style of address.
Seating plans protocol: working meetings, negotiations and international conferences
Dress Code guidelines: Business attire, day& evening wear, Smart/Casual, Black Tie & White Tie.